Turtle fountain The small and elegant square is dedicated to Muzio Mattei, the Italian nobleman who died in 1596. The square is famous for its beautiful fountain. This is a great stop in Rome. So much history and the architecture is unbelievable. There are current excavations going on and you […]

Turtle Fountain at Mattei square in Rome

Rome Live like a Roman in Rome & real Italian goods A foreign city can be viewed in many ways – tourists are usually directed to see the well known places of interest and rarely, if at all, would tour operators and agencies offer out-of-the-ordinary holiday schemes. However, GreatItaly prefers to show […]

Live like a Roman in Rome, real Italian products

Marsala – Sicily Marsala nestles on the headland which continues to bear the town’s ancient name, Lilybaeum (from Lily meaning water and beum referring to the Eubei, its pre-Phoenician inhabitants). The settlement is presumed to have been founded in 397 BC by the Phoenicians who fled from Motya following their […]

Sicily & Marsala holidays

ecommerce When the public voted in the recent referendum for the UK to leave the EU, they voted without any specific plan or model before them as to what the future might look like. While that has clearly created a lot of uncertainty, both in the financial markets and in […]

Ecommerce in UK & Brexit

Sardinia beach
« Life in Sardinia is maybe the best a man can hope for: twenty-four thousand miles of forests, of countryside, of coasts surrounded by a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would recommend the good God to give us as paradise. »  (Fabrizio De Andrè Italian singer). The island […]

Sardinia island Holidays

Made in Italy Brand
brand made in Italy Nowadays the face behind any given product, be that a blog, magazine or designer label, is just as important as the product itself–if not more so. An international consulting firm, Brain & Company, estimated that the luxury market was valued at $278 billion in 2015, and […]

Made in Italy brand glorifies feminine universe

Made in Italy Tiles & Bathrooms
bathrooms Made in Italy Bathrooms and Tiles   The stunning project I’ve decided to show you today is part of the new Italian Bathrooms column and catched my attention for one unique detail: its tiles! I spotted a few products while travelling in Italy and enterring a furniture store immediately had to contact the […]

Bathrooms or a stunning made in Italy project

Made in Italy products
madeinitaly   Madeinitaly 100%   Made in Italy certification The 100% Made in Italy Certification provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian orgin and the quality of purchased products. The certification adheres to all parameters provided for by current Italian legislation: Adoption of the certification guidelines, definition of procedures, […]

Madeinitaly by Italian law certification

Floor - Ceramic - Home Great Italy
floor   Floor – Ceramic – Home   A targeted study of styles, colours, sizes and thicknesses means absolute functionality and high aesthetic contents for any type of project or decorative requirement, from urban architecture to the creation of home interiors. Welcome to the world of collections by Great Italy. A […]

Floor means elegance & home’s space

home     Home made in Italy   From footwear to pret-a-porter, from bicycles to automobiles or interior design and undoubtedly, excellent enogastronomic traditions, Italian products bearing the prestigious Made in Italy title are highly-coveted the world over – for their integrity and durability, design originality and creativity, and for […]

Home from an all Italian point of view.