Brushed calfskin belt – Men’s Fashion – Stylish accessories

Brushed calfskin belt. Metal buckle. Width: 2.5 cm (9.8)

Made in Italy 100%

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Product Description

Fine Leather belt. Like everything else we wear, belts are a reflection of our professional and personal style. Leather belts are among men’s top accessories in their wardrobes. Not only do they keep drawers held in place, they add a stylish element to an ordinary pair of pants. Finding a trusty accessory  that’s fully adjustable to a man’s wavering waist size and one that will never fail during an awkward bend and lift is truly a treasure. That small accessory gives your body a balanced look while creating symmetry. And let’s not forget their original purpose – belts hold up our pants. Do you need help finding a good strong leather belt? Through this blog I will try to help you find a beautiful leather belt that is exactly the right length.


Fine Fashion – Brushed calfskin belt

Brushed calfskin belt

Italian Leather accessories

Available in a variety of colors, high quality Italian leather belts will make your outfit look original and elegant. Whether for business or leisure, wearing these types of belts can show off your masculinity while providing a centerpiece between a shirt and trousers.





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35 inches, 37 inches, 39 inches, 41 inches


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