Coffee Arabica TWO UNITS 250Gx2 (500G)

Gold Arabica 100%

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Product Description

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Italian Coffee Arabica 100% Made in Italy


Nonstop Coffee is a young and dynamic company, founded in Trieste, Italy, in the world capital market and manufacture of coffee.

Our product comes from selected plantations of Central and South America and Central Africa, all roasted by hand in Italy in order to give a strong taste but not overbearing, a velvety feeling with excellent permanence on the palate, sweet and bitter at the same time: a concert of sensations. Each year we visit coffee growing communities to build direct relationships with farms we want to buy from and, just as importantly, to cement existing relationships we have with our trusted growers. We love to chat about our products so feel free to get in touch to ask questions, get recommendations and find out more about the speciality Italian caffè beans for sale.

We visit the farms we buy from and then spend a long time roasting small coffee samples with different profiles to make sure we’re roasting our beans to get their optimum flavour. We want to work with the natural flavour that have grown in to the coffee, bringing out the sweetness in the beans. We want you to taste every characteristic it has to offer.

We are, or rather we would like to represent everything with so much responsibility that we have taken and that we carry on every day with commitment and seriousness.

Gold Arabica 100% – Made in Italy Coffee

This mixture is the best known of our roasting: a timeless classic, whatever your choice of coffee, whether it’s a small and powerful espresso, a long and smooth latte, or something a bit sweet and frothy, we’ve got the right drink to tickle your tastebuds.

Gold Arabica is a thick, satisfying, smooth full bodied coffee, topped with golden coloured ‘crema’. The correct espresso has an unforgettable aroma and a lingering taste which can last many minutes after the Italian caffè has been drunk.

Italian espresso caffè Gold Arabica



Great Italy Caffè


Connoisseurs know that a good Italian caffè  can be just as complex as a fine wine, with layered flavours specific to the origin and roast of the bean. Great tasting, luxury product beans delivered direct to your door; with low postage rates and a growing number of pick-up points we make ordering product beans online easy and affordable.


We are regularly adding new coffees to our range so subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch.

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