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Table art – Made in Italy Handcraft


If shared, intensity of emotions, increasese through time, the warmth of a meeting between classic and contemporary”

Italy has a recognized competitive advantage and excellent creative and product skills, that have not yet been sufficiently exploited.

There’s an almost endless array of options when it comes to west elm’s modern or classic tables. From coffee tables to nesting tables, living room tables, console tables, drum tables and more, we’ve found the perfect table for your space. Our designs and styles include round tables, glass tables, side tables, end tables, bookshelf tables, storage cabinets, tray tables, stools, consoles, folding tables, credenzas and more. Find beautiful vases, an interesting book or one of our vintage-inspired rugs to finish the look.


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This article marries functional design with a passion for wood, artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and the quality of natural materials. This is truly a collection of classic designs “Made in Italy,” revisited and re-interpreted for today’s environments, that meet all international standards for Hospitality and art furniture.




When we address to Great Italy for a furnishing project , not only you invest on the extremely quality of the furnitures Made in Italy , of a particular brand or designer, but you invest on a series of “plus”: the creativity of a tailored project, the quality of materials, technological innovation.

It is the intangible charm typical of the Italian interior designer.


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In this world where consumerism has led to a compulsion for us to frequently change the objects around us, our philosophy embraces the idea that one design, one piece of furniture should please you forever. Its value is not determined by just the material, but by the craftsmen who built it in the first place and created the design. Moreover, the materials used are mostly recycled and every stage of the creation of our product is done with a respect for the environment. New life is created from these raw materials: a new texture; a new scent; a new modern style; whilst maintaining a tradition of high quality craftsmanship. These components, as in great chemistry, give the object the uniqueness of work that each of us would like in our living space, even in the simplest of items for common use. Certainly using the word “table” to describe our design would not be enough to encompass a true object of art; a unique piece made entirely by hand which enriches your home. Recycled wood coming from India given a covering of epoxy resin, with an inlay of gold leaf and turquoise mosaic. The legs are made from a single column of Indian wood, covered with iron and brass.


Choosing Great Italy means not only choose the best: means choosing the maximum, because Great Italy acquires and distributes only the furnitures from the best production, the “best selection” of each of the Made in Italy brands that give luster to the catalog of furniture.

Table art - Great Italy

Table art – Great Italy



In the intimacy of your most precious emotions, where the soul interacts with the light, the beauthy of the art.






table art



Great Italy


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