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Goods made or designed in Italy enjoy a profile which far outstrips the country’s modest manufacturing output. Italy’s glorious design heritage and reputation for style and innovation has ‘added value’ to products made in Italy. Great Italy investigates the celebrated history of industrial design in modern Italy. It examines what makes an object Italian in a world characterised by increasingly interconnected production, marketing, and consumption networks. Great Italy web site does several things well: it describes the complex synthesis of regional, national, and international influences that have combined to affect how Italian design is understood; brings attention to the influence of craft on Italian design history.

Made in Italy - Fashion Food Furniture

Made in Italy – Fashion Food Furniture

Our company is a keen supporter of the genuine hundred percent Made in Italy label, because we wish to guarantee to all our customers that the article they purchase from us is a true product of quality Italian craftsmanship. In this short poll, we would like to hear directly from you, what your expectations are of a genuine Italian product and what significance this brand has for you. It means a product that is entirely made in Italy, from the design and working out on paper, up till the product is made, finished and ready for sale.

Great Italy sale - Furniture

Great Italy sale

The Made in Italy name ought to denote the actual  and total provenance and production in Italy of the article that bears its name; ‘ought’ because unfortunately in many cases this is not so. Greatitaly Company is absolute proponents of the true Made in Italy business model’ because we wish to guarantee all our customers an article that is a true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, a product that is worthy of the Made in Italy name.

made in italy love heart Furniture

Made in Italy hearts – Furniture

Hundred percent Made in Italy – Fashion Food Furniture

The Great Italy Company has carried its brand name with the most eminent Italian and International brands of furniture and design.

Great Italy’s business philosophy is to change each environment into a new concept of living following needs and styles of those who lives there. A way of thinking Great Italy design taking care of the layout of expositions in each of the 10 showroom of Interni Group offering the best “tailor made” service.

Preciousness in the selection of pieces, in the selection of the materials, solutions made with creativity, all with the highest attention to brands and to clients: from every point of view, Great Italy represents a choice of a good quality service.

Made in Italy is also an initiative funded by the Italian government to provide an additional label for products completely manufactured in the country: components, design, the works.

“If you want to buy a real Italian product, it’s easier if you actually have a certification that proves that,” says Made in Italy representative Marco Tomassini. “It’s just to be very clear what you are offering to the end user.”

This certification helps smaller Italian manufacturers stand out from global brands with sophisticated supply chains. It reassures customers that the products are made entirely in Italy.

Keanan Duffty, a designer and professor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, wonders if customers today really care. “The younger consumer, I am not sure if they are concerned about where the goods are made,” he says. “I think they are more concerned about the label.”

Duffty says for many young people it’s less about what the label actually means and more about what it signifies: status and luxury. And keep in mind, he says, “With luxury anything, you’re buying a fantasy.”

Fantasy has always been a big part of fashion. If you need a refresher, just watch an “unboxing video.” They are part of a YouTube subgenre in which people post videos of themselves opening up new products so other people can watch. For handbags, big moment in these videos is when the person displays the country of origin label. Whether it is entirely true or just partly true, the “made in Italy” stamp makes owners proud.

Fashion design and haute couture have always been crown jewels of Italian made, thanks to the creativity and artisan tradition of world famed ateliers the likes of Fendi, Prada, Armani, Valentino, Gucci, Versace, and many more. Since the mid-20th century, the Italian school has competed with the popular French counterpart, and Milan has eventually become one of the four fashion capitals along with Paris, London, and New York City.

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