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Barbecue outdoor grill eight people.

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Barbecue-Barbeque outdoor grill Made in Italy products

This grill is perfect for parties and benefits from a large cooking area and a hood for even distribution. The new bonfire from Great Italy is a natural gathering point for the whole family. You can barbeque and have fireside cosiness all at the same time. You can use the bonfire with charcoal. The bonfire is very safe for children, both due to the height and because the edges of the bonfire do not get warm. The bonfire is made out of iron. With the ability to cook up to 40 burgers at a time, you have no reason to be stressed when it’s time for you to entertain all the family and friends. The individual grill segments lift up easily so you can tend to the fire from any position.The individual grill segments lift up easily so you can tend to the fire from any position.

Barbecue outdoor grill for family and friends

Available in six-seat and eight-seat options, this barbeque is an impressive piece of outdoor equipment. In the heart of the structure is the fire; you can use the single grill level on its own or also cook on the removable fire pit cover. On this larger model, eight wood table platforms surround the interior iron grill. They provide space for a group to sit down and have a freshly-cooked meal hot off of the coals. And if you just want to have a nice night out under the stars with some friends, the outdoor grill converts to a fire pit in seconds.



Barbecue- Great Italy

The product is made  by craftman manually.






Safety details:

Never use the grill indoors or in confined area;

Do not allow children to use grill;

Keep children and pets away from grill;

Never light the grill or let it smoulder or cool down in confined spaces;

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Barbecue - Greatitaly




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Eight seats