Sicilian Pistachio Cream 1Kg

Sicilian Pistachio Cream

Ideal for filling cakes and desserts

great for breakfast on a slice of bread.


Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oils and fats,

Pistachio 30%, skimmed milk powder 10%,

whey powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin),





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Product Description

The gathering takes place every two years The fruits are detached from the branches one by one, in a balance between the rocks soaking the resin of trees that’s why the pistachio maintains its uniqueness, not only its organoleptic characteristics but also the particularity of production that confers the added value now accorded worldwide.



All of our nuts are grown and sold naturally, the way Mother Nature intended with no preservatives.Pistachios have been seen as the symbol of wellness and good health since ancient times this proves to be true as they are another nut proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and are full of many essential minerals. Our Pistachios are from Bronte, Sicily the home of pistachios.


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