Skin Care – Organic Regenerating and nourishing cream

Day Organic Cream with snail extract. All kind of Skins.


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Product Description

Starting New Line of Skin Care – Made in Italy products. 💋

Organic skin care for a  healthy life!

We chart the best face #cream and best face moisturiser for all skins type, including day & night creams , heavy-duty and lighter formulas for all. As antiage for wrinkled and faded skins or intensive cream with visible calming and clearing effect, etc. .

Sweet almond oil, thanks to its triglycerin nature, is made up of more than 95% of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids: oleic and linoleic acid, it has a high elasticizing, emollient and nourishing power of the epidermis.

Keep your skin happy and healthy with our range of day creams

Skin cream

Regenerating– and nourishing creams with snail extract. Work out a natural exfoliating action, nourish and stimulate the skins, improving tone and elasticity, visibly reducing the most common skin problems of face/neck obtaining a bright, smooth and firm tissue. The day cream contains also a sun filter. First class product for different skins type to achieve a natural, beautiful skins






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