Centerpiece made of Murano Glass Ornamental Home

Murano Glass Centerpiece: 17 cm in height, 33 cm in diameter and 1600 grams in weight, entirely handmade by Murano master glassmakers with the “lampworking blown technique”




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Product Description

Centerpiece is used a lot in Italy, as it is seen as an object of great beauty for someone’s living-room. That is why there are a lot of companies that products Made in Italy centerpieces. However, the ones made with Murano Glass are the ones that are most requested and sold: made in the north-east region of Italy, Murano glass is a really excellent Made in Italy product.


Murano's Glass being worked

Murano’s Glass – centerpiece being worked

Centerpiece made of Murano Glass

Thanks to its beauty, ductility and smoothness, this kind of glass is suitable to a lot artistic manufactures, such as this beautiful centerpiece. There are mainly 3 ways to work the Murano Glass, one of the most famous, and probably the most laborious and longer, is the manufacturing of the glass.
Murano rods are cut in small pieces (“millefiori beads“) and then placed into a copper frame, like a mosaic, of different shapes and colours: this composition is made by hand, putting into the frame every single piece of Murano so to create the shape or the design desired .
This manufacturing cannot be made from everybody, the artisan who makes this needs to have a lot of patience and imagination, in order to be able to create always new patterns and combine the vast range of colours that born from Murano’s Glass.


Murano glass Greatitaly centerpiece

Murano glass centerpiece Greatitaly


Centerpiece Table Ornamental


The following step is to put the frames into the glass oven in special containers, for a whole night, where the glass begins to melt increasing its thickness .
After this, the glasses are always ground and cleaned manually piece by piece for an hour long manufacturing each piece .
This needs to be made in order to adapt it for all different sizes of our watches, pendants, key rings, glass stoppers, frames and other jewellery.

Buying this Murano’s centerpiece will grant your home a really nice touch of the Made in Italy style but, in order to have this item, you will have to wait about one month, since they are made by request and it takes about 30 days to be finished and then sent to the address you will specify. They are handmade products by Venetian artisans.

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