Table lamp Apulia stone carving

By stone carving table lamp Lecce City with rustic decor crafted . Crude square table lamp illuminates with elegance every kind of modern, classic and rustic space.

That artist deals with the realization of stone items Lecce handmade highly appreciated for its originality and attention to detail. He was able immediately to be distinguished by style and variety of their works with a range of stone objects from Lecce (animals, clocks, etc.), Home accessories (candle holders, centerpieces, table lamps, vases, etc.) , stone sculptures and Lecce carparo and various favors.

Handcrafted table lamp.

Size: 13,5 x 54 cm

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table lamp

Table lamp – Stone carving from Apulia


Fancy some low lighting or something more practical? Find a stylish and unique table lamp to add to your living room or desk at Great Italy.

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Stone carving – Stone Sculpture in Italian language it’s called Pietra Leccese

The Lecce stone is hard and time resistant, yet soft and pliable when just extracted and has the task of being the load-bearing element for the heel of Italy. Baroque architecture in the city of Lecce, artistic sculptures and small handcrafted products all come from the generosity of this rock which characterizes the area.

Gentle stone of Lecce

The stone from Lecce (in Salento dialect “the leccisu”) also known as“gentle” stone, is a rock composed of limestone and granite, microfossils of marine fauna dating back to the Miocene period, typical of the Salento region, known for its malleability and therefore easy to work.

It is derived from underground in huge caves deep as thirty feet; the color has shades ranging going from white to pale yellow and in the first layers of quarry, stone assumes greenish tint and is rich in fossils.

The local stone of Lecce is used in architecture and sculpture, because its malleability, also by hands, is due to the presence of modeling clay.


The most demanding stage of creating a scuplture is the beginning. Because each stone is different, adequate time must be devoted on the initial design stage to fully utilize the shape, colour, texture and characteristics of the piece. Adding to this fact, all sculptures are hand carved, making every piece a “one-of-a-kind” original.
No reproduction or duplicates can ever be achieved.
Each piece is always “As Unique as You”.
Stone carving tools have not changed significatly since the technique of forging steel was developed. Most limestone carvers still prefer the old hand forged chisels, and keep a wooden mallet close at hand. The basic concepts of carved stone work haven’t changed much in thousands of years, even as the tools have slowly evolved.

Table lamp - stone carving handcraft

Table lamp – stone carving handcraft

As a stone sculptor, the artist works primarily in Lecce. Using local stone allows him to be highly selective in his choice of stone, and He generally go to the quarries to select him own rocks. The province of Lecce offers a wide variety of Lecce Stone that allows the stone carver to work with rock ranging from the golden and smooth, to the black and marble-like pieces.


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