Biodynamic organic and vegan red wine. Italian origin

Wine by the case.  Case (6 x 75cl)

This “Stamnos”, red wine, is 100% Merlot. Soft, fruity and lovely with flavours of red fruits on the palate. I picked up an almond/hazelnut taste on the finish which I found really pleasant.

Country Italy

Region Latium

Grape 100% Biodynamic Organic Vegan

Vintage 2015

ABV 12.5

Harvest Handmade







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Product Description

Biodynamic, organic and vegan wine by Latium (Italy).

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of cultivation without toxic chemicals that promotes a conscious use of the forces of a nature, drawingon the basic principle that only the harmonious and respectefulcombined action of plants, men, animals, the earth and the cosmos is able to provider healthy food with balanced nutritional values.

This wine is made in compliance with the fundamental principles of of biodynamic agriculture, then following the biodynamic calendar,  biodynamic preparation, compost, ecological diversity, the animal welfare, the absence of chemical productsand and the quality of food.

Our extensive research has enabled us to find an excellent biodynamic farmer (Mr. Claudio), true lover and respectful of all aspects of nature. Fascinated by its complete biodynamic farming culture, we were pervaded by the smell of his wines and sampling the various vintages we decided to offer this exclusive product.

The farm of Mr. Claudio is located in the land of Falisci, near Fescennium, extended itself within the natural borders of the Tiber river and the Cimini Mountains, in the same place where it was found a red figured Kylix wich shows two young people kissing each other with inscription on it reads :”FOIED VINO PAFO CRA CAREFO” (‘today I will drink wine; tomorrow I won’t have any.’). In Latin language:”hodie vinum bibam cras carebo”


Biodynamic wine LOVERS KISS

Biodynamic wine LOVERS KISS

Besides being this excellent wine is also made with vegan method. In short, vegans exclude every action or practice that causes suffering, violence or worst of alla the killing af any kind of animal.

All pruducts are obtained without harning animals; no animal derivates enter into pruductive chain; soil fertilization is done exclusively with farnyard manure; biodynamic preparation use boxes maid of larck (fladen) and tree barks; all the animals of thge farm live free and they are not slaughtened; pesticides are not used; the farm implements best practice in favor of biodiversity; the trasformation is carried out without chemicals of any kind (including sulfites).

All operation of the farm are certified by ICEA VEGAN and VEGA GB (control bodies recognized by law) in order to guarantee that the products are made without any animal cruelty and without additional ingredientes.


This “Stamnos” is 100% Merlot. Soft, fruity and lovely with flavours of red fruits on the palate. I picked up an almond/hazelnut taste on the finish which I found really pleasant.
This is a very nice sulphite free wine.

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Biodynamic wine

Biodynamic, organic, vegan wine.





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