Orange marmalade 100% Organic handmade

Organic Orange Marmalade from Sicily 1kg (4X250 g) – Great Italy

by case (4X250 g)

Orange Pulp 60%, Cane Sugar, Orange Rind, Lemon Juice.




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Product Description

Orange marmalade from Sicily. Passion and love for Sicily were the triggers to live and work with that land. Trying to reproduce the flavours and scents of Sicilian land in the production of handmade jams and preserves. Here you can test health food!


Organic Orange Marmalade from Sicily

Winter is coming to an end and the breeze is carrying whispers of spring. Our marmalade range includes many of the bitter and sweet citrus fruit varieties from Sicily. That artisan uses traditional open pan methods to produce a really ‘home-made’ style of marmalade filled in classic Italian jars. Tasty jam 100% organic made with respect for tradition and craftsmanship. Fresh ingredients and local collections natural maturation times. The recipe does not require the addition of pectin and other preservatives. 100% natural 100% organic.

Nutrients support good health in various ways

Fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Antioxidants

Dietary fiber encourages regular bowel movements. This helps to eliminate constipation. Soluble fiber has been established as helpful in lowering cholesterol.

It has been established that high intake of dietary fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer. Fiber gives more bulk to stool and speeds the transit time through the gut. Colon cells are exposed for a shorter while to harmful bacteria and other toxins that promote disease. Antioxidants are required by the body to aid the body’s natural functioning. Higher the amount of antioxidants in the body, higher is the rate of elimination of toxins from it.

Primary objective of Great Italy has always been customer satisfaction that research quality and authenticity in products for their table, features that only an artisan production can ensure, without neglecting quality and safety. That marmalade provides a range of nutritional benefits, supplementing your diet with vitamins and keeping your fat, calorie and sodium intake low.

Marmalade is good on toast, or for whatever recipe you use Orange Marmalade for. Enjoy!


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