Organic Eucalyptus Honey

Ingredients : Honey *.
* From organic farming.

Nutritional values :

Average valuesto 100 g
Energy value 1270 kJ / 370 kcal
Grassi 0 g
of which saturated acids 0 g
carbohydrates 80.3 g
of which sugars 80.3 g
fibers 0 g
protein 0.6 g
salt 27.5 mg

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Product Description

Organic food – Eucalyptus Honey

Honey Organic Eucalyptus presents amber in color with lighter and darker shades depending on the period in which it is sickly sweet; It tends to crystallize in a very fast and compact, with fine crystals and of medium size. During this stage the honey changes appearance, becoming increasingly unclear to settle on a color tending to ivory. Its intense aroma is very characteristic resembles that of the flowers and leaves of the plant; when picked one is struck by how its scent fills the whole environment with a strong intensity.

Eucalyptus Organic Honey

Eucalyptus Organic Honey

Great sweetener for tea and herbal tea, the eucalyptus honey is especially striking in the hot milk, giving an exceptional balsamic taste. And ‘particularly delicious for breakfast and presents a good sweetening power in replacement of sugar in the preparation of spicy sweets. Match it with slightly sour cheese.


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