Organic Extra Jam of Cherry

Extra jam with 70% fruit minimum, with an intense aroma and a strong taste, prepared using only organic fruit from our orchard, harvest at the right stage of ripeness and processed within hours of harvest.
Products are 100% healthy, particularly child-friendly, great for spreading on bread or toast for a nutritious and healthy breakfast and set out for the preparation of delicious desserts.
The date of minimum durability of our jams is 24 months from date of manufacture in a cool and dry place.
Once you open the jar, will keep for about three days in the refrigerator.

Gluten free, contains no allergens, GMO Free

Please, ask us for quantity and price at or by  Great Italy Facebook Page


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Product Description

Organic food – Extra Jam of Cherry

Ideal for breakfast and desserts, with delicate goat cheese or ricotta. Studies at Michigan State University have shown that a diet rich in cherries takes away the myocardial and vascular disease

Extra Jam of Cherry

Extra Jam of Cherry


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