Peeled Tomatoes organic & health food

For Restaurants and Shops

Organic Peeled Tomatoes


Only Italian Fresh Organic Tomato
and tomato juice from organic fresh tomato.
No salt, preserved and stain substances added.

Store in a cool dry place. After the opening,remove the tomato
from the can and placing it in a suitable covered container in cool place.
To be consumed within 3 days after opening.

Please let us know the quantity for lowest prices!





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Product Description

Great Italy Organic Peeled Tomatoes are particularly suitable for the preparation of long cooking sauces like the
famous ragù, have a real taste and fresh Italian tomatoes because they are obtained only from healthy organic and     fleshy, sun-ripened land of the South Italy, harvested and processed in one day deprived of their just peel and immersed in a thick tomato sauce. Important recognitions which attest the quality level.


Great Italy Tomatoes – Health Food

Great Italy Company has always given a great importance to its own quality policy; on this subject, in order to supply a healthy food of excellent quality characteristics both from the hygienic and organoleptic point of view, it makes use of a H.A.C.C.P. checking system integrated in the I.S.O. 9001:2008 quality certification system which represents the reference, acknowledged on the world level, for the quality management system certification.

During the years other important recognitions have been obtained which attest the production and final products reliability level system, in fact, Great Italy products quality prerequisite is given from its sanitary-hygienic safety, thanks to its certifications and quality system such as: BRC (Global Standard for food safety issue 5) with grade A, important certification acknowledged in Great Britain; community biological certifications for the export such as :NOP ans JAS, respectively acknowledged in the U.S.A. and in Japan.


Quality tomato – hygienic safety products

Developed in order to be operated for the carrying out of aims, among them, quality, safety and the ability to supply products and services in accordance with customer’s requisites are counted as top priority. Besides, Great Italy chooses raw materials supplied only by certified producers and by controlled sanitary-hygienic quality. During the years,other important recognitions have been obtained and they certify the production and final products reliability level.

Great Italy, in order to strengthen its own presence on the national and foreign market, is engaged totally and actively with a continuous process for the quality target attainment, aimed at satisfying its customers’ demands as best one can, towards the environment and the job safety.

Produced and packed with only Italian Fresh Organic Tomato.

Please let us know the quantity for lowest prices!


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