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Ceramic – pottery clock

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Ceramic clock handmade – Made in Italy products

Caltagirone is one of the most lively Baroque towns in central Sicily. It’s known in Italy as “The city of Sicilian ceramics” due to its thousand-year-old tradition. The name itself – Caltagirone – derives from an Arabic word meaning the Castle or Fortress of the vases.

Caltagirone ceramics have been used for centuries to decorate houses, public and private parks, churches, streets and squares.
The typical colours of local pottery, sage green and yellow, are the colours of Sicily itself, of its sun and breathtaking beauty.
A visit to the Regional Museum of Ceramics is a must to appreciate the artistic value of Sicilian pottery and its evolution over the centuries.

All objects, like ceramic clock, that are part of it, functional or simply decorative, are a selection full of taste and love. All Italian Kitchenware products are 100% food safe. Only natural paints with no lead added.

Ceramic clock   Made in Italy

Exclusive ceramics tile floors, like a rug set into hardwood or framed by simple tiles. You can use it as a table top, realize a backsplash or a stove top panel. Find the best tiles for your projects; inspired by magnificent floors found in ancient villas, kitchens with a rustic touch and elegant pool edges. Please, contact us for large orders and save on shipping costs.

Great Italy is a UK based company, but our roots are definitely Italian. Over the years we have patiently selected the best Italian based artists, which produce both modern and classic decors, yet share the same ancient tradition in making the most lovely Italian majolica using the best quality raw materials. All Sicilian potteryes can be personalized with a dedication and are custom made upon order. In a world where you can get what you want from anywhere in the world in a few hours, we pride in having our artists take the time to work for you, with dedication and passion.

Ceramic is everywhere in Caltagirone, strictly combined with architectural works: in ancient and modern buildings, churches, monuments, parks and squares.

Sicilian pottery - Great Italy

Sicilian pottery – Great Italy

The main landmark of the city is the 142-step monumental Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, built from 1608 in the old part of the town. The peculiarity is that each step is decorated with different hand-decorated ceramics, using styles and figures derived from the millennial tradition of pottery making. Once a year, on and around the day of the city’s patron saint, (St. James, 25 July), the staircase is illuminated with candles of different colours arranged in order to reconstruct an artistic drawing of several tens of meters.

Sicilian ceramic realizes its products with precious pottery of Caltagirone entirely handmade and accurately decorated by the best craftsmans of Caltagirone.

The product will be delivered within 30 days from your order.

Sicilian ceramic study handcrafted productions of our lands and select unique articles wich represent the historical roots of Caltagiorne’s (Caltagirone) maiolica.

The maiolica of Caltagirone is worldwide recognized thanks to its artistic and cultural values.

As we are constantly bond to old traditions, we give our articles the artistic tone wich makes them unique and inimitable products. Doing this, we also create a new design.

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