Classic chocolate of Modica Healthy Food

Chocolate of Modica – Organic & Healthy Food

Ingredients : cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, vanilla bourbon.100% from organic farming. It may contain traces of soy and nuts.

Nutritional values :

Average valuesto 100 g
Energy value 2290 kJ / 549 kcal
Fat 34 g
of which saturated fatty acids 21 g
carbohydrates 50 g
of which sugars 50 g
Fiber 5.1 g
protein 8.3 g
salt 0.15 g

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Product Description

Organic food – Classic chocolate

The Modica chocolate is healthier because it is obtained by cold working of highly selected ingredients, thus excluding the phase of conching. The cocoa mass is processed together with raw cane sugar, without adding any emulsifier or additive. Thanks to this slow and long cold process the sugar crystals remain intact within the mass, giving the final product a grainy texture and rough.

Classic chocolate


Try it if you love enjoy the softer side and delicious chocolate.


Italian hot chocolate – Recipe – Healty Food

The two traditional flavors of Modica chocolate are vanilla and cinnamon, as well as hot chilli pepper (peperoncino). Today you can find all sorts of flavors, including nutmeg, white pepper, citrus, cardamom, sea salt, etc.
The best way to have it is melted in a hot creamy chocolate with milk or water, traditionally it was also eaten with a piece of bread or used in cooking to prepare savory dishes.

It is very nutritous because contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals.

Cocoa contains:

  • 11 grams of fiber.
  • 67% of the RDA for Iron.
  • 58% of the RDA for Magnesium.
  • 89% of the RDA for Copper.
  • 98% of the RDA for Manganese.
  • It also has plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

Of course, 100 grams (3.5 ounces) is a fairly large amount and not something you should be consuming daily. All these nutrients also come with 600 calories and moderate amounts of sugar.



  • Four ounces bittersweet chocolate 70% or higher
  • One and a half  cups whole milk
  • Two tablespoons sugar
  • Two teaspoons corn starch

How to make it?

  1. Into a saucepan over low heat add chocolate and a smidge of milk. Stir with a wooden spoon until melted.
  2. Slowly add remaining milk until it’s well combined. Add sugar. Mix to combine. Whisk in corn starch.
  3. Continue cooking over low heat until it becomes thick, creamy and coats the back of the wooden spoon.








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