Pate Green Olive Organic

Ingredients : * olives 95%, extra virgin olive oil *, wine vinegar *, sea salt, garlic *, red pepper *. * From organic farming.

Nutritional values :

Average valuesto 100 g Average values ​​forportion (30 g)
Valueenergetic  250 kcal 1046 kJ  69 kcal 289 kJ
carbohydrates  3.5 g  1 g
of which sugars  0.5 g  0 g
Grassi  24 g  7 g
of which saturated  3 g  1 g
Cholesterol  0 mg  0 mg
Fiber  3 g  1 g
protein  1 g  0.5 g
Sodium  1.4 g  0.42 g

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Product Description

Organic food – Pate Green Olive

A great pate, very appreciated for the fresh taste, soft and light green olives. Use it to stuff fast and delicious snacks, sandwiches and snacks for aperitifs. After opening 15 days in a refrigerator at + 4/6 ° C.

Pate Green Olive Organic

Pate Green Olive Organic

Intense and characteristic scent, taste fresh and sweet Verde Oliva. The olives are a food with a high fat content. They are particularly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help to control cholesterol. Contain potassium in high amounts, stimulate appetite and aid digestion. Being rich in minerals, they are energetic and tonic.


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